Meet Joe

I got my start in the car world at a very young age thanks to my dad. When I was around five I would beg to go to work with him because he owned a small and somewhat unofficial used car lot.  He gave me free reign over the wrecked parts cars that he bought for the engines or parts.  This is probably when the hook was set and among my earliest memories.  I guess I was just curious about how things worked.  From then on I have always remembered everything I heard or saw about cars. At 12 years old I replaced the head gaskets on the small block Chevy in dad’s truck.   

At 17 I put a small block Chevy in a 1979 Mercedes with dad, my first car.  By 19 I started my first shop with two friends. After a falling out (as one might imagine with 3 teenagers) which lead to my leaving, I started waiting tables.  During the day I was going to college and working at night.  In my free time I started restoring cars out of my parents garage.  I was able to restore about one car a year and sell it in order to fund my own toys and travel the world.  I did this for many years before making the move to an actual shop.  

I guess here is where I’m supposed to say that it’s been a long hard road, but that doesn’t seem true.  When I’m working on, around, or doing anything car related it feels like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.  While it can be challenging at times, “long road” isn’t at all my experience.  There isn’t a time before I got into cars. Cars are easy for me, they always have been.  I know more about cars than I do anything else and I still get the pleasure of learning something new about them, be it their history or actual function, everyday.

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