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A Forgotten Era

We are experts at building, restoring, and maintaining the cars that most of the world forgot about. We also have a deep well of experience with the worlds finest replicas.We know more about these cars than any other company in the United States.  PERIOD. 

Post-War European

The Pretty Ones

Here we go, the cars outside the realm of affordability for most. The prancing horses and…all other cars with doors. The curves that made them so lovely to look at also came with zillions of carburetors that don’t always work and wonky electrical systems. We like um pretty, but we can also make them run as designed.

Post-War American

The Muscles

The American muscle car is the spirit animal of Roseleno Incorporated. We were raised on 60s era American Muscle. Giant engines combined with no ability to stop is a great way to keep in touch with your dry cleaner.


Vroom Vroom

Living smack-dab in the middle of a horsepower Renaissance it was impossible for us to resist playing with these high-end pasta rockets. Getting our mitts on something with this much power was inevitable.

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